Are you ready for this?

Property Disasters

Investment properties are great assets until you run into a nightmare tenant. Effective property management is a lot more involved than picking up a rent check. Are you prepared to handle these issues?

Would You know what to do it if...

  • Your tenant moves out in the middle of the night
  • Your tenant turns your basement into a Marijuana Grow Room
  • You find out there is a Sex Offender living in your home
  • Your tenant suddenly stop paying rent
  • Your tenant refuses to move out
  • You deny an applicant and they file a Fair Housing Claim against you
  • Your home floods because of busted pipes while it is vacant
  • You pay a repairman and they never complete the job
  • Your tenant calls and the furnace goes out in the middle of a snow storm
  • Your fence blows down and the neighbors don’t want to share in fixing it
  • Your tenant claims they have a new “Service” pet
  • Your tenant lets your yard die

Are you prepared to...

  • Properly conduct a background check on an applicant
  • Process a Security Deposit Disposition
  • Set up a non-interest bearing escrow account
  • Create and manage yearly 1099’s
  • Is your lease CO and HUD compliant

What would you do if your proPerty looked like this?

Let the Springs Team take the worry out of managing your properties.

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